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Marine Netting

South West Play  operate in the bustling and picturesque Port of Newlyn, England’s largest fishing port and home to the largest fishing fleet in the UK with over 40 acres of harbour.  The fishing industry is one of the most important in the county contributing millions of pounds to the Cornish economy each year with around 80 species of premium line, trawl, net and pot caught fish and shellfish landed daily.    

Castaway Bait Net:  Great for catching all sorts of shoaling fish from a boat or on the shore.  Easy to use, value for money.  They are extremely robust, reinforced all along the weighted edge. All nets are measured by their radius for example a 5’ net actually has a 10’ spread.
TWINE: 0.30mm  MESH: 7/16"sQ  

NET: Monofilament
We currently stock 2 sizes

Man Overboard Retrieval Net:  Made from 16mm Polypropylene rope.  Tying off ropes at the top and retrieval ropes at the bottom.  Net Size: 2.5mtr (W) x 4mtr (D).  It is a MCA (Marine Coastguard Agency) requirement that all vessels over 15m have the means to retrieve a Man Overboard. We can manufacture these nets to any size and specification

65ft Beach Seine Net:  Like a fence that is used to encircle a school of fish.Perfect for catching many species of shoaling fish. Standard size of 65ft x 6ft with ropes, floats and leaded foot rope, manufactured in sections with different mesh sizes: Two End Sections @ 30mm
Two Inner Sections @ 22mm
Middle Section @ 5mm

Utilising our traditional net making skills, we are able to hand make Bowsprit Nets to any size, in any quantity, shipping to anywhere in the world. We supply numerous companies and private boat owners - our most famous being the tall Ships Youth Trust's Brig - the Prince William and sister ship the Stavros S Niarchos, both are training vessels.

Not forgetting our roots - we traded as a Chandlery for over a decade. Having diversified, we have still retained our unrivalled knowledge and traditional rope work and net making skills and we stiill supply Marine Netting including man overboard retrieval nets and bowsprit nets and fish floats - each made to order.

We stock Polypropylene rope in many diameters and colours. This synthetic fibre rope has proved very popular with clients wishing to add play equipment to their gardens. The brightly coloured rope makes an eye-catching, yet fun addition to any garden. Sold in coils or by the metre.  

Polyhemp rope is a synthetic rope that looks traditional while retaining the modern properties that you need in a hard wearing rope it doesn't shrink or lose colour like natural fibre ropes. Ideal for Decking, Kids Play, Stair hand rails, In the Home & Ship Rigging. Available in 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 24mm & 36mm.

We also stock a varied range of rope, anything from Multi Plait 8 Strand 160mm rope in Polypropylene to 10mm Polyhemp rope.  The ropes can be used for various types of applications from mooring ropes for large container vessels to tow ropes and shorelines for fishing boats.






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