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Our timber comes from managed sustainable forests and as such we purchase from companies that hold FSC certificates. All of our equipment is manufactured using heavy-duty, pressure treated and planed ‘heartwood’ free C24 Structural Grade Laminated timber. Laminated timber: the layers are bound with impregnable glues making them much more resilient to the elements and much less likely to crack, warp or deform as single piece timbers. This not only increases strength but also it is pleasing to the eye and impacts far less on its surroundings that brightly coloured steel equipment especially in rural surroundings and can be just as strong and far cheaper to change damaged and vandalised parts.

It doesn’t rust when close to the sea and the colours of the natural timber won’t fade or need repainting as they can do on steel equipment. Because it is a natural product every piece of timber is unique. Every piece will exhibit different growth patterns and characteristics which, we feel, adds to its attraction allowing children to have active and imaginative play while developing motor skills and dexterity.

All timer is subject to splitting. This is not a defect but is due to shrinkage as the timber dries in drier, hotter weather. In damp weather you will see that these shrinkage splits (knows as ‘shakes’) will often disappear. These splits are mainly superficial and do not affect the structural integrity of the product. Our Rope & Net Timber Trails, Clamber Stacks and Towers are made from UK Pine, as part of the manufacture of all timber products, timber is preservative pre-treated to ensure they will have a greatly extended and low maintenance service life. As a minimum all UK Pine timbers are treated to a 15 year desired service life specification.


All the components used in the manufacture of our products are of the highest quality and are fully guaranteed. Galvanised steel or zinc plating is always used where possible. We reserve the right to alter components, colours, designs and configurations to allow for progression of manufacturing, installation and appearance.

Polypropylene Rope:

Treated for UV resistance. Available in a range of colours. 3 strand yarn construction. 16mm diameter


As standard we fit very strong colourful ‘fibre core wire reinforced rope’ on all of our equipment. All nets have hole/mesh sizes that meet BSEN1176 of at least 230mm.

Climbing Ropes:

Nylon rope with splices and knots as required. Available in a range of colours. 24mm diameter. Climbing ropes can also be made from our 16mm wire reinforced rope, 16mm diameter and available in a range of colours.

Safety Surface:

We tend to use Safa grass matting which is suitable as safety surfacing for the playground. These mats are widely used product popular across Europe, manufactured from recycled rubber. Fully complaint with BSEN 13501-1 and BSEN 1177. 100cm x 150cm x 23mm.

Instruction manuals regarding maintenance can be found, viewed and downloaded from here.


Our equipment is guaranteed for one year as standard at our discretion (parts only).

This applies to structural defects but excludes vandalism, storm damage, malicious damage, subsidence and underground movement, floods, acts of god, terrorism, repairs or movement by others, vehicle / accidental / animal damage / timber splits or improper and unintended use. The expected life span of the timber is of approximately 15-20 years but this does depend on a lot of factors, most of those mentioned above.

You’ll be glad to hear that there is very little that you’ll need to do to maintain our equipment. The timber is pressure treated, the plastics “look after themselves”, the steel is normally galvanised and on most equipment there is no need for adjustment of parts. You can from time to time woodstain the equipment to make it appear newer or to provide a different colour scheme if you wish and maybe give the plastics a rejuvenating “child friendly” plastic restorer. The great thing about our equipment is that normally and on rare occasions, if a part needs replacing this can be done relatively easily and cheaply by contacting South West Play.

Our Safer Surfaces are guaranteed for three years as standard