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Case Studies

8 m Rope Tunnel

Tunnel from polyhemp rope, 10 days manufacturing and 1 day installation

Bespoke Tunnels

A bespoke wire reinforced tunnel with 160mm base rope, manufactured and installed for Greenspan.

British Wildlife Centre

This was a 9.5m jungle bridge manufactured and installed at The British Wildlife Centre.

Climbing Net 3000

A climbing net 3000 manufactured and installed at Nancledra School, Penzance, Cornwall.

Colchester Zoo, Colchester

Manufacture and installation of custom designed Monkey Net, impressive!

Commercial Tunnel with Decked Floor

A wire reinforced rope tunnel with a decking floor manufactured and installed for eibe Play Ltd – Bentley Village, Farnham.

Fort Royal, Worcestershire

Manufacture and installation of standalone commercial climbing net, extremely high play value

Hammock Nets – Wembley, London

Three wire reinforced hammock nets manufactured for Stage One, installed at Wembley, London.

Legoland, Windsor

Manufacture and installation of a wire reinforced rope tunnel at Legoland.

Leyton Jubilee Play Area

Manufacture and installation of Bespoke commercial grade climbing net fitted to an eibe unit

Case Studies

Having worked on hundreds if not thousands of projects, custom designed builds plus having supplied thousands of items to many playground companies, it is impossible to list all of our work and show you our diversity. Please view the above case studies or click on the gallery link to the right.