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Netting Overview

As traditional net makers, South West Play has a wealth of knowledge, retaining many traditional net making and rope work techniques which enable us to manufacture a virtually limitless range of bespoke equipment. You Draw It, We Make It! You Break It, We Mend It! We stock a vast range of varied netting, ropes and wire rope, retaining such a large stock enables us to quickly complete orders.

Golf Surround Nets: High tenacity knotted netting 28mm square mesh. Ultra violet treated, strong and durable netting, that has a longer life expectancy than other specifications. (Available in any size required) Also, for nets that have to withstand strong winds, reinforcing ropes can be added as required.

Golf impact Nets: knotted netting is manufactured from a top quality nylon that is able to withstand the energy and impact of golf balls struck at speed. Enclosures can be manufactured to any size and complete with curtain nets if required.

Tennis Nets: Manufactured from polyethylene braided or twisted knotted netting. All types of nets are available including club and competition tennis nets. If required nets can be supplied with double mesh reinforcing below the headband.

Football Goals Nets: All our goal nets are made from synthetic cord which is UV stabilised to prevent sunlight degradation. The netting is both waterproof and shrink proof. Square mesh is used in our football nets for that professional look. A choice of International or Continental run back is available on some types. All nets include cord lines to keep the back of the roof from sagging.

Cricket Nets: All UV stabilised synthetic netting. Water shrink and sunlight resistant. Comprise, heavy weight net, steel frames or wooden poles, guys, runners and pegs.

Perimeter Fence Netting: 3.5mm Dia PE netting made to any size required. All netting is UV stabilised. Mesh sizes and colours can be tailored to customer’s requirements. Applications include Golf, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis and General Sports Fields.

Indoor Netting: Available for practice, divisional, canvases, and roof/lights/window protection nets. All UV stabilised polypropylene synthetic netting. Water shrink and sunlight resistant. Suitable for pools. Heavy duty border cords are available to give extra strength.

Debris Netting for use on scaffolding and Gardens – 60gsm 50m x 2m. Durable, heavy duty plastic netting for use on scaffolding to protect pedestrians and traffic from falling debris. In a Garden environment it is deal for keeping the insects and birds away, it also Keeps leaves and pests off ponds.