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Decking Bridges, sometimes referred to as Clatter Bridges or Suspension Bridges

We can make rope bridges to fit almost any playground structure or stand alone framework. Simply supply us with the length, width and height of the bridge, and we will build a bespoke bridge tailor made to your exacting dimensions. Bridges really are our forte!


Rope Bridges, Perfect for indoor and outdoor play areas

Jungle Bridges, Clatter Bridges, Box Bridges, Tunnel Bridges, Net Bridges, Curved Bridges, V Bridges, U Bridges, Burma Bridges, Woven Bridges, Knotted Bridges, Suspension Bridges, Decking Bridges. We can add anti climb netting to most bridges.


Wire Reinforced/Steel Core Commercial Bridges

Our commercial bridges can be seen at theme such as Legoland, Crealy, Adventure Parks, Chessington World of Adventures and Kew Gardens to name a few. Rope bridges tend to be the ideal investment with low maintenance costs. Visually they look great and can be tailored to your exact requirements.


Woven Bridges sometimes referred to as Knotted Bridges

When joining two or more play modules our rope bridges provide the maximum degree of flexibility at a lower than other alternatives. We design, manufacture and install bridges for any purpose taking into consideration the function intended, the nature of the terrain and the material used to make it.