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Climbing Nets


Access Nets

Extremely good play value and great fun! Nets are sometimes referred to Play Nets, Climbing Nets, Cargo Nets, Scramble Nets or Access Nets – all of which comply with the current European Playground Standard EN1176-77.


Activity/Bespoke Nets

We can make nets to fit almost any structure or framework. Simply supply us with the length, width and height and we will build a bespoke net tailor made to your exacting dimensions. Get in touch to discuss how we can fit this into your playground or leisure structure.


Commercial Grade Climbing Nets

They can be as colourful and complex or as simplistic as you can imagine providing both physical and mental challenges. Recommended for use as a standalone unit, access point or to join play modules together.


Polyhemp Play Nets

Our nets come in a wide variety of colours, shapes, sizes and materials including steel reinforced rope for public areas and the commercial sector. We sell Polypropylene Nets, Manilla Nets, Polyhemp Nets and 16mm Wire Reinforced nets.