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Polyhemp Rope

Synthetic rope that looks traditional while retaining the modern properties you need in a hard wearing rope. Doesn’t shrink or lose colour like natural fibre ropes. Ideal for Decking, Kids Play, Stair hand rails, In the Home & Ship Rigging. Available in 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 24mm and 36mm. We offer rope services such as netmaking, splicing and whipping. All rope can be sold by the meter or buy the coil – usually 220 meters.

Manila Rope

Traditional natural fibre 3 strand rope. It has many uses and is great used decoratively in the garden often as part of a wooden deck. Because it is a natural fibre manilla will shrink when wet and lengthen when dry so be sure to make allowances for this when measuring and ordering. The diameter of the rope is also measured during manufacture whilst the rope is under tension so the finished product may have a larger diameter than stated.

Wire Reinforced Rope

6×8 Fibre Core Galvanised Wire Rope is used for general purpose engineering. It is strong and flexible with a reasonable resistance to abrasion and crushing. Recommended for commercial grade play equipment.

Polypropylene Rope

This synthetic fibre rope has proved very popular with clients wishing to add play equipment to their gardens. The brightly coloured rope makes an eye-catching, yet fun addition to any garden.