Repair & Maintenance Service

We repair and maintain all play-based equipment regardless of manufacturer. If the equipment is in a condition where repair is not viable, we can offer advice on replacement. It is often possible to extend the life of tired, worn, and vandalised play equipment by carrying out refurbishment which can protect your investment, helping to free up precious financial resources and often correct failures.

We can travel to site to carry out onsite repairs to equipment which are often in need of repair due to heavy use including climbing nets, bridges, tunnels, ropes and much more. We have portable equipment, allowing us to travel to any location to carry out onsite repairs quickly and efficiently. We can also replace components or complete net-based products where it’s needed.

Alternatively, you can send your damaged equipment to us for repairs. Simply remove your item, package it up and send it to us where we can carryout an assessment on the repairs required. A repair or replacement will be carried out and the item will be dispatched back to you via courier for installation.

Group Swing Repairs

Group swings have fallen victim to a new form of vandalism, we can repair any type of group swing irrelevant of manufacturer. We have seen swing seats carrying evidence of dog baiting, fire damage or just general age damage. It can be costly to replace a swing seat, so we have developed a comprehensive repair service, we can replace the seat as well as the outer rope, depending on the damage.



For more information please give us a call on 01736 360254 or email [email protected]