We stock a variety of rope available in 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 24mm and 36mm diameter.

The diameter of the rope is measured during manufacture whilst the rope is under tension so the finished product may have a larger diameter than stated, so be sure to make allowances for this when measuring and ordering.

Rope Options:

Polyhemp (Synthetic Hemp)

This gives the look of traditional rope, whilst soft on the hands it retains modern properties you need in a hard-wearing rope. Doesn’t shrink or lose colour like natural fibre ropes. Ideal for decking, kids play areas, stair handrails, around the home, ship rigging and much more.


Traditional, authentic natural fibre rope. It has many uses and is great for decorative purposes either in the garden or around the home. Due to it’s natural fibre manilla it will shrink when wet and lengthen again when dry.


This synthetic fibre rope has a shiny, soft feel which is rot-proof, weather resistant, UV resistant and also temperature resistant which makes it very durable for many uses.  The variety of colours makes this very versatile for child’s play, it’s easy to knot and it also floats.

We offer rope services such as netmaking, splicing and whipping. All rope can be sold by the meter or buy the coil – usually 220 meters.

Wire Reinforced (Commercial Grade)

16mm Fibre core wire rope is used for commercial grade play equipment. It is strong and flexible with a reasonable resistance to abrasion and crushing, highly durable and vandal proof which is used for climbing nets.  Available in a range of colours and can be sold by the meter.


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